Copyrights Crawford Intellectual Property Law

Crawford Intellectual Property Law LLC offers copyright prosecution counsel and expertise in matters relating to the drafting and filing of Federal applications for registration of copyright. This copyright counsel includes the establishment of rights both domestically and internationally.

Crawford Intellectual Property Law LLC provides expertise in the drafting of Requests for Reconsideration in response to Copyright Office Actions.

It is important to register your organization’s copyrightable works in a prompt fashion to provide the maximum protection afforded by law in the case of infringement or other misappropriation.

Crawford Intellectual Property Law LLC provides expertise in the negotiation and drafting of copyright licensing, copyright acquisition or sale agreements and copyright assignments.

Further, the drafting of often misunderstood Work for Hire agreements and counsel regarding applicable laws is provided by Crawford Intellectual Property Law LLC. Counsel is also provided in negotiating and drafting recording and publishing agreements.

Crawford Intellectual Property Law LLC counsels clients regarding the fair use or parody of another’s copyrighted work as well as assessment regarding the risk of infringement.
It is critical that your organization have appropriate agreements in place with your employees and independent contractors to ensure that ownership of copyrightable works is established at the initiation of project development. In the absence of proper agreements and contracts, the ownership of rights in a copyrightable work may not be vested in your organization.

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