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Intellectual Property Law – Patents


Crawford Intellectual Property Law LLC offers expertise in the art of drafting and filing applications for utility, design and plant patents.

Further, we offer expertise in the art of drafting and filing provisional patent applications with attention to preservation of potential future rights both domestic and internationally.

Following the drafting and submission of applications, Crawford Intellectual Property Law LLC will counsel and provide expertise in correspondences with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in matters including drafting responses to Office Actions, Patent Appeals before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, as well as Post Grant Proceedings.


Crawford Intellectual Property Law LLC provides patent searches, including both domestic and foreign art. Further, we offer patentability, validity, and freedom to operate opinions after careful research and evaluation of your matter.

A search of domestic and potentially foreign patents, and patent applications and publications, should be conducted and reviewed before bringing any new product to market. A review of domestic and foreign patents, and patent application publications, can assess both the patentability of the innovation and the risk of infringement with existing and enforceable patents.

The results of this patent research counsel can influence decisions to proceed to patent application or production of a product.


Crawford Intellectual Property Law LLC offers expert counsel in foreign patent matters including foreign patent strategy for preservation of rights internationally, counsel regarding foreign patent application treaty laws and application filings.

Counsel is also offered for international clients entering the national stage under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and United States patent applications claiming priority to applications filed abroad. Crawford Intellectual Property Law LLC manages regional and national filings through local international counsel.

Crawford Intellectual Property Law LLC provides expertise in the management of all aspects of foreign IP portfolio management.


Crawford Intellectual Property Law LLC provides expert counsel in agreements and contractual matters including negotiating and drafting patent licensing agreements, non- disclosure agreements and patent assignments.

It is critical that your organization have appropriate agreements in place with your employees and independent contractors to ensure that ownership of potential patent rights is established at the initiation of product development. In the absence of proper agreements and contracts, the ownership of patent rights may not be vested in your organization.

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